STEP 1 :
Project Scope

We will set an initial zoom call to discuss your objectives for your website.
We frame your overall brand identity, values and goals.
We discuss the number of pages that we will include in your website and any particular function required : contact form, membership, online courses, webinars, or online store.
I introduce you to Webflow platform, and we discuss whether it is the best development solution for your project,  comparing Webflow versus WordPress or Squarespace.

Step 2 :

Based on our initial discussion, I will send you a detailed project proposal document that includes everything you will receive as part of your website project: price, timeline, the number of pages, specific branding components to be included like a logo or colour palette.
Each bespoke website include full on-page SEO, marketing email and google analytics integration.
I will provide you with a personalised quote based on your project.
In term of timeline, it generally will take 3 to 6 weeks to be completed.
Once the proposal is validated, we can start working together on your future website.

Step 3 :

We will define all strategic elements for your website content: competition inspiration and analysis, content strategy for text, illustrations and pictures, list of existing or newly required branding components and guidelines.
I can also provide an elegant logo design for your business as part of the project.
I will advise you on where to buy your domain and choose your Business email platform. I prepare you for the integration with Google Analytics, guide you on solutions to legal policy requirements for your website.

Step 4 :

You will validate your future design's look and feel, starting with style tiles and a components collage, before moving on to complete page mockups and live prototypes.
I use Figma to design all initial mock-ups and validate all my projects .
I design each project bespoke and tailored to your needs.
Each validation phase will be accompanied by a 1:1 Zoom meeting to ensure best communication flow.

Step 5 :

I will build your bespoke website on Webflow, which allows a fantastic creative freedom while providing you with a reliable, fast and easy to manage content management solution.
I’m a fully qualified front-end developer using best coding practices in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript ES6, including BEM methodology, and I create and manage all custom code needed on your project.
I will answer all your technical queries in simple language as part of the design process and build technical solutions that adapt to your dreams and are easy to maintain.

Step 6 :

Final validation happens after the technical performance and SEO testing.
Hand-over will include dedicated training and 1:1 support calls.
As one of my clients, you will then access priority status and preferential rates for all updates or enhancements that you wish to bring to your website in the future.
For total peace of mind, I also propose a monthly website maintenance service, including any technical support and some update work on your website for an agreed amount of time every month.


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